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Custom Portrait Projects
Points to consider...
    1. Where will the portrait hang?
    2. What size?
    3. What medium: oil, pastel, watercolor, charcoal, other?
    4. What style? Realistic or Impressionistic?
    5. I prefer to conduct a photo shoot/sketching session.
    6. My Personal CONTACT with the subject makes the BEST portrait!
    7. If a photo session is not possible, then I will need a collection of images.
    8. Clothing, subtle and solid colors. Formal or Informal?
    9. Children, adults, and pets should be well fed and rested before the photo session!
    10. Together, we will pick out the best images from the session.
    11. Oil portraits typically require 3 to 6 months from the photo session for completion. More time is needed for multi-panel projects.
    12. Travel, Hotel, Per Diem, for portrait sessions that require me to travel outside of Atlanta.
Birgit Porter's Custom Fine Art
  • World-wide recognition for my ability to capture the beauty of flowers on fine porcelain.
  • Classical European training through the traditional apprentice program at the oldest art manufactory in Berlin, Germany, (The Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Berlin, KPM.)
  • Art training at the Berlin University of Fine Art, as well as college classes in England and the United States.
  • Published author in my field of expertise, by a traditional publishing company. (Callwey Publishing, Munich, 2001) Book is sold around the world through book dealers and online with Amazon. It has been or currently is for sale on Amazon in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, United States.
  • I am passionate about creating art, whether I'm studying Japanese and Chinese art for a mural project, or collecting flowers for a portrait project. I dive deeply into my art creations, doing everything possible to make sure you are happy.
  • I love creating Beautiful Portraits that bring the family years of enjoyment.
  • Over 30 years of experience as a professional artist.
Custom Art Projects
Points to consider...
  1. Family or Business Portrait? Commercial Art Project?
  2. What inspired this idea, what is the story behind the art creation?
  3. How much time is available? Is there a special event where you plan on unveiling the finished project?
  4. Begin with a clearly defined budget.
  5. A 50% retainer fee starts the project after an agreement is reached.
  6. Commercial Art Budgets include (1)Original Art Creation Fee (2)Usage Fee
    (3)Original Artwork Fee (if needed)(4)Transfer of Copyright Ownership Fee (if needed)
  7. Send an email describing the project and budget.
Click here to see my Illustration/Graphic Design Fees.
Click here to see my Portrait Commission Fees.
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