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Birgit Porter has been a professional artist since 1978. She started her art career at KPM, the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Berlin, Germany with a three year apprenticeship. After completion of her training, she was chosen to create works of art at KPM for high government officials and embassies around the world. Mrs. Porter has studied art at the university level in Berlin, England, and the United States. She is recognized as one of the top flower painters on porcelain, trained at a European porcelain factory. She was honored to be asked by a European publisher to write the first book on 18th century porcelain painting techniques as practiced by the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Berlin. Porcelain Painting: Flowers from the KPM Berlin, publisher Callwey, Munich, Germany, 2001. (It has been sold on Now Available in Germany at, in France at, in Japan at, in Canada at, and in the United Kingdom at See links below.) During a recent trip to Berlin, while at KPM, she was excited to learn that her book is now part of the resource center for apprentice training at KPM. What an honor! Her career has included floral paintings, gold work, miniature portraits on porcelain, character design and animation for advertising, children's book illustration, mural painting, watercolor and oil botanicals, custom kitchen tiles, and fine oil portraiture. She has taught seminars throughout the United States, and Puerto Rico. Students from Japan and Thailand have flown over the Pacific to study with her. In 1997, Birgit Porter was awarded first place in classical painting in an international competition in Venezuela, South America. This international artist has created floral paintings and portraits for private collections in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Birgit Porter is a member of the Portrait Society of America, and the Portrait Society of Atlanta.

Here are some fun historical facts! Birgit left KPM to study Visual Communications at the Berlin University of Fine Art. Her portfolio grained her entrance to a one day test. The test required all students in the room to draw a section of the room. Birgit decided to draw the whole room and all the people in it. The professor was so amazed that he could recognize everyone, that he granted immediate approval to Birgit's request for entrance. She had a fellow student in her animation class, who offered tutoring classes in computer animation. Birgit studied with him. He graduated and joined an advertising firm, GKM. He organized a field trip for the students. On the field trip Birgit offered her services as a graphic designer to the Director of GKM and was hired on the spot. Enthusiasm won them over, no portfolio needed since she studied with the latest hire who organized the trip. This fellow student ended up developing a whole line of business for GKM using animated graphics and linked computers. He ended up leaving the firm with another computer expert and Birgit followed them. This former classmate, Eku Wand and Paulus Neef founded Pixelpark in 1991 with Birgit as their leading graphic designer. They started in a small apartment behind a home, bought a lot of computers, and grew quickly with their start up. Wand and Neef are credited with founding the German internet!

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